The Provost is a democratically elected Member who is selected by all the Elected Members of the Council. As the civic leader, the Provost represents the Council within the community and is representative of both the Council and the community in the wider world - and as the figurehead hosts a wide variety of civic receptions promoting Stirling both nationally and internationally. The Provost presides at meetings of the Council and has responsibility for ensuring that every Member is treated equally and given the same opportunity of expression. The Provost also oversees the management, administration and disbursement as Chair of the Stirling Common Good Fund on behalf of the Council and, with the Director of Civic Services, determines matters of a civic nature. The Provost also sits on the Court of Stirling University. Every two years, the Provost's Award Scheme celebrates local success and achievement, acknowledging those who have made an outstanding contribution within our local communities and businesses. (text Source:

University of Stirling Innovation Park, Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4NF, United Kingdom
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